Soulful Motivation comes when we block out all of the chatter and noise and listen to the quiet of our soul. How often do you worry or even dream of doing something important? Do you talk with others and then feel defeated or demotivated?

Soulful Motivation- making decisions by listening to your own heart rather than listening to the chatter and opinions of all around you.

The Inner Roommate

In the untethered soul, author Michael Singer introduces us to our “inner roommate.” This week we take a look at who or what is making the decisions in our everyday life. We talk about ways we can begin to be more free from the incessant chatter we hear.

Reverend Bob takes us into the second week focusing on lessons from the book. UPH small groups are also meeting and are studying in our Fall Study program.

What is a Unity of Palm Harbor Service Like?

Services are positive and uplifting! Unity is based on Jesus’ teachings and how we can benefit from them. At each service, you’ll experience affirmations that reflect what the Unity movement’s vision states. This is the Vision: A world powerfully transformed through the growing movement of shared spiritual awakening. We have a meditation during the service, a lesson for about 20 minutes of the service, music and announcements. Prayer chaplains are available after each of the services (9:30 and 11 AM) to pray with you. To learn more about our prayer chaplains, visit this page.

Youth Program

During the 11 AM service, our youth program meets in the Heritage Building classrooms. You’ll find them located just across from the sanctuary.

UPH Musicians This Week

Our musicians this week are Joy Katzen-Guthrie, Terrel & Michele Lovett, Christine Mariani and Cynthia Barnes.

Please visit the Heritage Building dining area for refreshments, Snacks and fellowship after each of the two Sunday morning services.

Unity of Palm Harbor also has a 30 minute meditation mid-week on Wednesdays in the sanctuary at 6 PM. You can learn more about the meditation service here.