Supporting Others Through Prayer

Supporting Others Through Prayer

Supporting Others through Prayer What is a Prayer Chaplain?  A Prayer Chaplain Holds Spiritual Space, Lovingly Listens, Prays, and Holds in Confidence what is shared. Back some 15 years ago, a group of Unity Palm Harbor leaders decided to join a few other Unity...

Power of Praise

Power of Praise is Rev. Bob’s message this Sunday, Nov. 22nd at Unity of Palm Harbor. This Sunday’s Message This Thanksgiving will be unlike most Thanksgivings in many ways with travel restrictions and other pandemic precautions. The spirit of...

Let There Be Light

Let there be Light is Reverend Bob’s message this coming Sunday, July 12th. In the beginning, God said Let there be light and the light was good. All of creation begins with light, which represents spiritual understanding. During these troubling times it is...

Palm Sunday’s UPH Live Stream!

Palm Sunday’s UPH Live Stream is shared from our Unity of Palm Harbor’s YouTube account at 11:00 AM ET. We hope you will join is to celebrate Palm Sunday with us by watching us on our YouTube channel as we live stream our Sunday service. Palm Sunday...

Power of United Prayer

Power of United Prayer is this Sunday’s message at Unity of Palm Harbor. Leading up to Unity’s World Day of Prayer which begins at 7pm on 9/11 and throughout the day on 9/12, the talk this week focuses on group prayer and Unity’s prayer process. Back in the late...

God’s Yes Power

God’s Yes Power? What do we mean exactly by that? This Week’s Message Many people believe God answers prayer with either a yes, no or maybe later. Actually, God is always saying yes to our highest and greatest good. The key to prayer is how and for what we...

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