Prayer Chaplains

Our Prayer Chaplain are here to pray with you




Prayer has always been a foundational pillar of Unity. Co-founder Myrtle Fillmore used prayer and conversation with the Christ of her being to be cured of what she had always considered an inherited disease. She heard these words, “You are a Divine blueprint of God therefore you cannot inherit dis-ease.”

Prayer continues to be a vital practice for those who find Unity to be their preferred path to realization of their Oneness with the Divine.

At Unity of Palm Harbor, the Prayer Chaplain ministry continues to be an essential part of the glue that holds our spiritual community together.

One of the wonderful benefits of membership is the teaming up of a prayer chaplain with each member. Members of the Church will receive a personal call each month during which the chaplain will support the member in prayer. In addition, a prayer chaplain is on duty after service each Sunday for private prayer with anyone who desires prayer (not just members).

Please look for our chaplains who wear blue prayer stoles and will be standing up front to support your prayer requests. Please note that there is also a prayer request box against the wall with the stained glass dove. Requests may be confidentially submitted in the box. After our Prayer Team here at UPH prays over them, we send them to Silent Unity at Unity Village, our headquarters, where they are prayed over for another 30 days.

Myrtle Fillmore wrote, “God has given us a great work to do, but it is a work which must be done at this Center, and which reaches out to all the world – meeting people just where they are and giving them the spiritual help they need.” We answer this calling in prayer with you.