We recognize and honor the Divine within as the one common denominator that we share on our human journey.  We recognize inherent good in all people. Unity of Palm Harbor, its members, and affiliates, welcome with love all people in every form of God’s creation, regardless of how that creation presents itself.

It is the intent that Unity organizations are inclusive and non-discriminatory. We honor all components that contribute to the diversity of community. We affirm and support Unity principles and programs that manifest diversity in our teachings, policies, buildings and within our communities. (From Unity Worldwide Diversity Statement.)

You are welcome here!

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In the Easter story, Judas has been labeled, “the betrayer.” “Satan entered into him,” says John of Judas. A belief of olden times that still finds credence among certain sects of the present day is that many of men’s misdeeds are not essentially of their own doing, but that an outside entity, a discarnate (and evil) personality has gotten into them and given them a compulsion to commit evil deeds. [Ernest Wilson, The Week That Changed the World.] The Devil made me do it. What does Unity say about the devil, an outside source that causes us to think and act in a particular way against our divine nature? Come find out this Sunday. 


Join us in person at 11:00 am. Recorded services are available within 24 hours on Facebook or YouTube.


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