Welcome to Unity, where hearts converge, and souls awaken. We honor all spiritual paths, embracing diversity and love. As seekers of truth, we recognize the divine spark within each person, inviting them to join us on a journey of conscious growth.

Come join us on Sunday morning for our Inspirational Spirit-filled Service at 11:00 am. We have a fun and dynamic youth program. Come refresh and replenish your week in our deeply relaxing Wednesday Evening Sound Meditations at 7:00 pm. Check out our Calendar of Events for classes and special workshops.

Here, you are family. We often hear, “It feels like home.” You are welcome here!

Upcoming Events at Unity of Palm Harbor

We are on the edge of another Great American Walkout, a call for women to be still.  The greatest hindrance in moving forward is going backwards. We say in the stillness, we hear our Messages, the message that I will call the Voice of God.  Meggan Watterson says, “The most primal deception, this inability to, or unwillingness to, TRUST what you hear inside you – this VOICE ~ doesn’t have a VOICE without you. Male or female, the sense of betrayal is every time you remain silent about what you hear in your heart.” Let us uncover the meaning together this Sunday, June 23rd.


Join us in person at 11:00 am. Recorded services are available within 24 hours on Facebook or YouTube.


Join the good times at Unity of Palm Harbor!

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