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CHILDREN AND YOUTH CLASSES STARTING BACK JULY 4TH. We hope you will join us in Fortner Hall from 11:00am – 12:00 pm.


With Covid, we have switched to a zoom format. We meet every Sunday at 10 am. Zoom information is shared with families every week. We also post the lesson on Unity of Palm Harbor Facebook page. Please email Brigitte at to join us on zoom.

We email the lesson to all the families, we have a zoom lesson every Sunday using online worksheets, “Gonoodle,” Kahoot, Big Life Journal, videos, meditations, and prayers. In addition, a care package is sent out once a month with craft materials and worksheets for families. View sample pages from our lessons here.

We are staying connected, we are being supported, we are sharing love. Blessings, Brigitte


Monthly Youth Packet

We explored the power of our negative thoughts.  To keep our light inside shining, we must practice the power of positive thoughts and their energy.  We must turn over the stones that look drab and let the crystal lights shine within us.

May Packet







Discovering my God Self
Each day I discover more about my God Self and what this higher Divine
Self can accomplish through me.

Sometimes I might wonder if I have what it takes to make it in life. I might
have a twinge of doubt in the back of my mind that slowly makes its way
to the surface of my thoughts. At that moment I surrender to my God
Self. That part of me that trusts in the divine order of the Universe.

Opportunities for trust, friendship, honesty, responsibility, faith and
happiness come to me everyday. As I trust in my God Self, I find that
answers come to me, I find what I need to do, I find a more self-confident
me, I find where I need to go, I realize how I need to act.

I discover my wonderful me, supported by God, inside of me. With this
support, I have the wisdom and strength to explore life’s possibilities.

I am an expression of God.



Youth Ministry in Action

We are drawing our changeless spirit and practicing building on a strong foundation.


Brigitte Bernhardt

Youth Ministry Coordinator

Ms. Brigitte Bernhardt has been coordinating the Youth Ministry
program since June 1996. She has one son, Shaun. She became
interested in the spiritual education of her child and wanted to be
an integral part of what he was learning. “I wanted our spiritual life
to be a part of our daily life”.

During her many years as youth director, she has implemented
many Unity curricula including the five (5) principles, the twelve (12) powers, wisdom tales, Jesus’ teachings, the wonder years living curriculum, choices and consequences, fair play, navigating through change and the awakened classroom. Recently on zoom, we have been learning digital lessons. We are still including prayer, meditation, movement, games, some creative expression, sharing and exploring questions. The goal is that we learn to connect with the God or Divine Presence of our understanding and that we are seen and heard as the spiritual beings we have come here to express. During Covid, lessons are also being mailed out to families by email.

Brigitte also worked at the Safety Harbor Montessori Academy in Clearwater for 20 years. She taught ages 3-6 for most of those years and 1-3 grade for a while. Brigitte earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Recreation Therapy. She has continuously expanded her educational knowledge through Montessori conferences, Unity conferences, zoom training, and workshops addressing the development of children dealing with the stresses of our world today. Brigitte also loves yoga, hiking, camping, biking, and swimming. “ Being centered is the best way to relate and facilitate self-growth. Using yoga with children works.”

Please contact Brigitte at for zoom information or to ask any other questions about the program.


Love Offering

Divine love, through me, blesses and multiplies all that I have, all that I give and all that I receive.
Thank you God for blessing these gifts and those that share them.
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