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At Unity of Palm Harbor, we treasure children. Our services to families include a fully developed Sunday School program, nursery, and social opportunities for children of all ages to connect with their peers in a wholesome, positive and safe environment. And children just love our property, where they can connect with Spirit through nature by exploring 4.5 acres of gardens shaded by mature oak trees.

Quiet Room and Toddler Program

Bridgitte Bernhardt

Ms. Bridgitte Berhardt
Youth Ministry Coordinator
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Welcome to new parents! For your comfort, we have a quiet room in the back of the sanctuary with insulated walls. This way you can listen to the Sunday message and still nurture your child. There are toys in this room and you are welcome to stay until you feel your child is ready to play more actively away from you. From around the ages of 1-3, we have a toddler program available. There are mats to crawl on, thick books to look at, blocks, large legos and toys for discovery. We have a teacher on hand to look after your child during the 11:00 service. You may then pick up your child in the toddler room after the service.

Pre-Primary Program

The transition to the Pre-Primary classroom comes when children are ready for lessons in a group setting. Our curriculum starts with a welcome activity which helps the child separate from their parents. Then the children are invited to an opening circle with a song, a simple meditation, and a blessing. We repeat the affirmation of the day.
The story of the day is read either from the childrenʼs Bible, or a contemporary childrenʼs book. After the story come the
wonder questions, which help the children think about the story and make a connection with how the story is happening in their own lives.

The transition to the wonder centers is the creative expression for the lesson. There are usually 4 possibilities every week, including play dough, gluing, painting, drumming, collage, coloring, drawing, taping, games, dancing, imagination play, music, building etc.

After the creative expression, the children are invited to clean up and have a small snack provided by the church. We usually serve healthy snacks such as goldfish crackers, raisins, fruit, and water. After snack we gather for our closing song or prayer.

There are also take-home flyers with the week’s lesson and songs and activities to inform the parents about what their children are learning. These are ways for the family to affirm and practice the spiritual principles at home during the week. Feel free to call the Director of Youth Ministry if you have any questions. Her phone number is published weekly in the Sunday bulletin.

Our wonderful volunteers in the pre-primary program teach once per month. This group is for ages 3-6 or from the time a young child can sit in a circle and listen to directions, up until a child is reading comfortably.

Primary Program

In the Primary Classes, from reading age through 5th grade, we cover several different curriculums during the course of the years spent with this group. These curriculums are presented to each different learning group. All ages learn best when they can use multiple intelligences. These are the major ways children gather and retain information. We incorporate the visual, auditory, kinesthetic, social, emotional and cognitive ways of learning. Each curriculum has its own lessons, some of which are the twelve powers, the teachings of Jesus, Bible basics, the three parts of humanity, (spirit, soul and body), forgiveness, compassion, oneness and our own greatest gifts.
All of them include prayer, meditation, music, stories, discussions, affirmations, exploration, creative expressions, games, science labs that teach God’s word, puzzles, skits, and a connection to the Unity Principles.

Teen Programs

Uniteens (Middle School)

These teens are searching to develop self identity amidst rapid physical and emotional changes. They will be exploring Truth and its application in their own lives through meaningful Sunday experiences. Our curriculum includes navigating through change, fair play, making a difference, learning about the application of Bible stories in today’s world, choices and consequences, attitudes and perspectives, overcoming obstacles, the twelve powers and the five Unity Principles which are connected to each theme.
Each lesson includes an opening prayer, meditation, blessing of tithes and talents, group building, discussions, games, creative expressions,
reflection, and closing circle. The Uniteens are encouraged to participate and lead some parts of the lesson. There are regional retreats available for the Uniteens when they attend regularly on Sundays.

Y.O.U. (Youth of Unity) (High School)

Our Y.O.U. program for high-school-age youth offers a spiritual lesson each Sunday in the understanding of spiritual laws and their practical application in daily life. Time is spent in prayer and meditation and in developing a consciousness of Oneness. Sometimes they attend weekend retreats, which allow for more intensive exploration of their divine nature through group workshops and interaction.

Our Y.O.U.ers believe in celebrating life and appreciating the joy of togetherness. They take a leadership role in creating fun activities such as lock-ins, bowling, canoe trips, etc. These experiences provide an opportunity to practice spiritual principles as they apply to daily life. It is a loving place to build friendships, build self-esteem and just have a great time learning and growing together.

Every fifth Sunday, the Y.O.U. hosts the ushering and greeting for the congregation to help them move forward in adulthood service within the church.

Family and Youth Sundays

Every month we sponsor an event for family connection and fun. Our activities include bowling, Airheads trampoline park, horseback riding, archery, tubing, water slides, and ice cream parties. We also have social potlucks at various times throughout the year to encourage family games, throwing the ball, relays, and fellowship. Our annual Halloween party, Christmas play Last Supper celebration and Easter egg hunt are other highlights of the year.

Love Offering

Divine love, through me, blesses and multiplies all that I have, all that I give and all that I receive.
Thank you God for blessing these gifts and those that share them.
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