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Faith and Imagination

Believing and Seeing

Do you want to have a higher vision?  Do you want to have mountain moving faith? What if faith and vision are tied together and that believing and seeing are part of the powers of perception? This Sunday begins a powerful six week series on manifesting your highest life.

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Man on mountaintop, overlooking the sea.

The Kingdom Within

Jesus taught that we must seek this kingdom and its righteousness, and all good things will be added unto us. This week we will explore what the kingdom within is all about and what “within us” actually means. We will see that as with all of the Master’s teachings, there are practical transformative applications. The […]

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Something Greater

This Sunday we will explore and experience the power of interdependence or synergy, when one plus one equals three. Being a part of something greater than ourselves lifts us up into a higher state of energy.  When we are united in Spirit the results are incredible. Discover what Jesus meant when he said, “Where two […]

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All Things are Possible- Sunday May 17 2017

All Things are Possible

Sometimes we all get caught up in moments of fear or worry and feel stuck, thinking that we can’t or won’t be able to get out of a bad space or achieve our dreams. But the reality is that we can work on our thoughts to turn these fears and worries into something possible if […]

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