Thriving in the Hurricane of Life – SMALL GROUPS

What is Unity of Palm Harbor’s Fall Program all about? This is our Small Group Ministry.  Rev. Marilyn does a wonderful blend of taking a topic and creating a workbook of spiritual tools that we can use in our daily lives building a strong foundation for us to walk in faith with each other.

“Anytime a group of friends commit to gathering together to share their lives, pray, and discuss topics and life application of the previous weekend’s sermon, good stuff happens.” Larry Osborne, Sticky Church

We have chosen The I of the Storm: Embracing Conflict, Creating Peace by Rev. Dr. Gary Simmons, a Unity minister of 35 years, who has implemented peacemaking and transition consulting with more than 300 New Thought organizations.  You may know Simmons from, “The Q Effect.”

Unity of Palm Harbor is undergoing a significant transition of welcoming a new Senior Minister, Rev. Tracey Quillen in as they honored and said their goodbye’s to Rev. Bob Fortner after serving as the Senior Minister for 25 years. We are all undergoing some form of transition and change after navigating through our experiences with covid. And many of us experienced loss, great loss, and the grief of loved ones that we lost. Many of us are still processing these past 18 months and feeling into the realness of, “How do I feel?”

Sometimes it may feel like a fog of where do we go from here? How do I feel about where we are going? Even with great leadership from our Board of Trustees, we are in a somewhat chaotic field of what is next? We are re-forming and re-implementing our life-blood of Volunteer Committees and we are embarking on a new journey of our soul’s development in classes and Sunday morning celebration services with a different flair.

Our small groups will give you the opportunity to express what you are feeling, the confusion for some, the expectancy and anticipation for others, and yet for others still, the fear of the unknown. Change is hard for some folks and yet we all must acknowledge on some level, not embracing change creates our own hardship, for change is inevitable in growth.  Remember our small groups are not a “fix-it” shop. This is a safe space to be vulnerable and speak from your heart space. In turn, the small group agrees to listen (not to fix or judge).  And sometimes that is hard because lovingly, we have ideas and suggestions. AND we agree NOT to fix or even offer suggestions during the group session. If you ask to meet with someone outside the group setting, please remember to hold the confidence of the group. Your story is your story, and you may share it willingly with someone you felt a strong connection but please keep the integrity of the group by only sharing your story.

Our Fall Program Small Groups are an excellent way to make new friends and support our community. Life-long bonds often form. Ask anyone who has been in a small group at Unity of Palm Harbor or with any other church community. Our connection grows and how we can be in service to each other expands. Be brave – say what is on your heart. AND be courageous in allowing others to have an equal say.

You will explore depths that may create a new perspective for you like the concept, “outer resistance:”

It is possible to embrace outer resistance because outer resistance Is NEVER about you. No one is really ever against you. Outer resistance is about what you said or did, what the relationship needs, or what the other person needs, but it is NEVER about you. It is never about you, the real you.  Rev. Dr. Gary Simmons (73)

Where do we go from here? Dive in on August 8th.  Sign up for one of our 5 Fall Program Small Groups, (four in person and one “zoom”) and come to Sunday service or catch us online, and TRUST THE PROCESS. Build your connections! If you are visiting us online, please call the office to register 727 784-7911 with your name, phone number and email address.

See you soon family ~~

Rev. Tracey Quillen

Sr. Minister