Green Leaf Thoughts

Bob Charpentier

When you come to Unity of Palm Harbor, you notice we have an abundance of green leaves. Relax into your chair and rest your eyes. Imagine yourself walking through our shaded woodland, taking a deep breath, and relaxing into your stroll on the path around the property.

The leaves above, shelter you from the heat of the day. As you walk deeper into the woods, you feel the mild breeze on your arms. You look up and see the leaves welcoming you, waving in the breeze. A peaceful feeling overcomes you, so you close your eyes for a moment. You breathe in the oxygenated air, that the leaves have exhaled for you. Your worries disappear.  You feel safe here because the thought of God is all around you.

The color green is everywhere. Green symbolizes growth and the life that engulfs you. Green means the action to go, to do, or to be. Each leaf is taking the action to be, what it is becoming. Each leaf grows, as it reaches out for the nourishment of light.  Pick up a leaf, and place it in the palm of your hand.  It is a ‘plan,’ in action. Do you see the veins in the leaf?  Each vein is a pathway that leads to the coming of the full bloom, an image of its wholeness. Each vein represents a decision you’ve made, to expend your energy, on the path that led you, to where you are today. Are we not the bloom of a divine idea?

Each leaf symbolizes a divine thought. Listen to these Green Leaf Thoughts that we know to be true. ‘Spiritual light gives me the guidance I need,’ ‘Old ways of thinking and feeling, may no longer serve me.’ ‘My spiritual gifts keep me free from habits that limit my growth.’ ‘Each cell of life functions according to its divine pattern.’ ‘When people follow their hearts, they express their highest potential.’

These leaves of Unity have the potential to heal, but there is one leaf that is missing- the one that is right for you. What is that Green Leaf Thought, you know is true? In the Silence, state that divine idea that can take you by the hand, to your pathway home.

The leaves that send their messages from above, guide you to grow in spiritual understanding and see the actions you need to take. Your Green Leaf Thoughts inspire you to affirm: ‘I am always free.’ ‘I yield to my light and joy.’ ‘I yield to the natural processes of my growth.’ ‘I radiate a brilliance that causes others to grow.’ ‘I am awakened to the Presence within.’

Let us now awaken our bodies, and return our consciousness to this time and place. Under the leaves of Unity, we are inspiring examples of our Green Leaf Thoughts. And so it is.