Let there be Light is Reverend Bob’s message this coming Sunday, July 12th.

Let there be Light- this Sunday's message by Reverend Bob Fortner. Rev. Bob will take a deep dive into this passage and prayer and how it can help us during troubling times. Let there be light!

In the beginning, God said Let there be light and the light was good. All of creation begins with light, which represents spiritual understanding.

During these troubling times it is important for us to seek understanding, not human understanding based on our old paradigms, but a new higher understanding based on spiritual principles. Prayer is not about fixing the darkness and retreating into our comfort zone, it is about becoming still and listening to the still small voice that leads us to a higher consciousness.

Join us this Sunday as we explore in depth the prayer ‘Let there be light.’
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Social Distancing and Mask Ordinance

You may also join now us in person at our 11:00 AM service on Sundays at 1960 Tampa Road, Palm Harbor. We are practicing social distancing and have our chairs arranged in a way to utilize this.
We are also complying with the Pinellas County mask ordinance and have masks available if you forget to bring one.
If you would like to learn more about the Pinellas mask ordinance, here is a link for more information

Reverend Marilyn’s Update

The teaching of Unity has revealed itself in many wonderful ways. Most of our congregants are taking the pandemic situation in stride. Chaplains are making their prayer calls and, at the beginning, found
many people home and very appreciative of the personal contact. Many asked for prayers for the world.
At first, tuning into the news for any ray of hope was the norm. Now the complaints are – there is nothing new or – it’s all bad news or – one station reports one thing and another station contradicts the first one. What’s the
truth? So they are tuning out and tuning back into life.

As time has progressed and people have gone out to places other than the grocery store or pharmacy, they also got busy cleaning, building, gardening and taking up hobbies. Some ventured to church on Sunday for the one service at 11:00 AM. They can be seen walking around their neighborhoods or visiting parks and occasionally in the gardens at the church.

Some have had surgeries that were put off. Others were interrupted during major life changes, such as the loss of a loved one or moving to a new community. They have retained a strong resiliency in the face of such monumental changes, which speaks to the depth of their faith.

As we move forward, Unity will continue to look for the good in life.

See you on Sunday!