The 7 Week Fall Program – Adventure With Spirit in an annual event to bring us back into the spirit of things after a summer of fun and vacations for many.

The program is held 1 time each week for 7 weeks where the group meets in the home of an individual (Host) and guided through the material by a person (Facilitator). All materials are supplied this year for a $10 Love Offering.

Right now we are advertising for people who would like to Host or Facilitate a group. Some people choose to do both and that is an option.

If you would like to host a group, your home should be able to accomodate 6 to 10 people in a group setting (including yourself and the facilitator). You may choose to provide light refreshments the first week and participants may sign up to bring them on following weeks.

If you would like to facilitate a group, there will be a short (approx 1 hour) training session to acquaint you with the concepts and materials of this year’s Adventure which is titled Revealing Your Inner Truth.

Once the homes are designated, a map is presented that shows the location, day and time of each meeting. Participants are then asked to sign up under the group that most suits their needs by either location or day the group meets.

One advantage of this program is that you can invite people not attending the church to go to a program that can introduce them to Unity.

To become a host or facilitator, sign up in the foyer at church, or click on the link below to contact Rev. Marilyn. You may also use the link to ask questions or call me at 813-598-9951.

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Thanks for being involved with Unity of Palm Harbor

Rev. Marilyn