These 7 areas of ministry are in the Vision 2020 Plan for developing and enhancing to increase the service to the congregation. Each group will create goals, projects, plans or missions for their area of service and choose the area of highest priority to develop and bring into fruition. If you are interested in participating, contact the
church and leave your name and number, indicating the area if interest.
NOTE: These are not BLISS teams, however the attainment of goals may coincide and at times be integrated.

1) Children, Youth & Family – Welcoming, growth focused, age appropriate involved, treasured, fun,
happy, playful, engaging, safe, educational
Brigitte, Marge

2) Outreach Membership Growth – Inclusiveness, honoring divinity, excitement, warmth, inviting,
Lori, Edward Holtzman, Gregg A, Becky

3) Grounds & Facility – Meet needs of all programs, maintain feeling, destination feeling for spiritual
renewal, unifying feeling experience, safe, appealing, welcoming, facility conducive to expression
of spirituality, sanctuary, nature, natural, nurture
Karen, Rev. Bob, Rob

4) Resources: Staffing, BLISS teams (humans) – Opportunity for involvement, appreciation,
empowerment, participation, involvement, sharing, nurturing and training, ownership, investment,
Kimen Mitchell, Karen, Marge Gibbons, Rev Bob

5) Community Services – walk the talk, reaching out, service members, serving community, practicing
Christianity, building strength of bond with congregation, recognition
Marilyn S

6) Leadership and Organizational Development – Visibility, transparency, excellence, innovation,
Inspiration, leadership consciousness, facilitate communication
Steve, Jim Stuebe, Kristin Geeslin, Rev. Bob

7) Personal Development, Spiritual Education Development – Healing Opportunity, Education
opportunities, sharing and connection, Spiritual growth opportunities
Rev. Marilyn Earhart, Bob Charpentier, Fran Pitman
These two areas are already filled.

8) General/All Other – Creativity, oneness, sustainability, expression, balance, open to change,
Kristin Geeslin, Lori

9) Sunday Celebrations and Special Services – Interactive, spirituality, variety, inspiring, joyous,
harmony inviting, diversity
Kristin Geeslin, Brigitte, Edward Holtzman, Fran, Rev. Bob

Love Offering

Divine love, through me, blesses and multiplies all that I have, all that I give and all that I receive.
Thank you God for blessing these gifts and those that share them.
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