Join us at Unity of Palm Harbor this Sunday to learn more about prayer!

Learn More about Prayer- Unity of Palm Harbor Prayer Panel Week

We all are aware that prayer is a powerful transformative practice, but there are techniques and inspiration for prayer that you may not be aware of. If you have wanted to learn more about prayer, the power of prayer or how to have a stronger personal prayer practice, this is the Sunday for you!

Our panel of experts will share their own thoughts, methods and ideas so that we can benefit from their training and knowledge. Our panel consists of Reverend Bob Fortner, Reverend Marilyn Earhart, Reverend Grace DeBella, Reverend Linda McLeod and Virginia Isaac, our prayer chaplain co-ordinator as well as a few prayer chaplains. What a powerful fount of knowledge!

The prayer panel speaks at both the 9:30 am and 11:00 am services, so you can attend either or both services to hear them.

The Unity of Palm Harbor services also feature music, meditation, prayer and wonderful fellowship.

The youth ministry classes meet in the the Heritage Building classrooms on campus during the 11 AM service.

Join us after each service, as well, to get to know everyone and enjoy some refreshments and snacks in the dining area of the Heritage Building.

The weather is getting a wee bit cooler so take advantage of our beautiful 5 acre grounds and gardens for a nice walk. The oak trees keep everything a lot cooler on the property.

We hope to see you this Sunday!