“As you give, surely you shall receive”

During the last several months we have introduced you to the UPH Consistent Giving and Receiving Program (CGR)

Why are we implementing Consistent Giving and Receiving?
We believe this CGR program will stabilize Unity of Palm Harbor’s finances and provide the means for our donors, who wish to, conveniently support our mission and values. This program has proven very successful and well received at many Unity Churches. These churches have indicated that income was up 25% in the first year when they had 30% of the members enrolled and increased even more when years later, they had 50% of the congregation enrolled.

How did they do it?
The same way we are. All they did was ask those who intended and wanted to give regularly, to do so in a more convenient and consistent way. They did not focus more on getting money and they did not ask people to give more. They only asked that members who desire to support their church with their regular tithes to do so by debit/credit cards or bank draft.

What does the program involve?
The technical aspects have been developed, implemented and tested. We will provide enrollment forms at Unity of Palm Harbor and instant online tools at UnityofPalmHarbor.org (below)

Your ministers and the board unanimously endorse and support this Consistent Giving and Receiving program and the use of modern, convenient methods of giving that many people are safely using today.

On behalf of your leadership team we encourage you to prayerfully consider how you will participate.


Love Offering

Divine love, through me, blesses and multiplies all that I have, all that I give and all that I receive.
Thank you God for blessing these gifts and those that share them.
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