Unfinished Business is the focus of the Reverend Bob’s talk this Sunday, December 29th.

Unfinished Business is the talk title for Sunday, December 29th at Unity of Palm Harbor. How to address that is no longer useful in your life and embrace what is your best life possible in the new year.

What’s Your Unfinished Business?

We all have some things that keep nagging us- unfinished business that needs to either be addressed so that we can move forward or things we keep saying we’ll do that we push off until “tomorrow” consistently. A new year is rapidly approaching and there may be just enough time to let go of that which no longer serves us, so we can truly have a fresh start in 2020.

This Sunday, Reverend Bob will talk about how holding on to old ways, old beliefs, toxic people that are not good for us to constantly be engaged with and other habits that we find hard to break with. How many times do you think about what you really want to let go of and what you would prefer to embrace instead? All of this constant wishful thinking is taking up a lot of rent in our heads. Maybe it is time to make decisions and either let go of the constant battles that come up because of them and/or embrace new goals, habits and people with whom to surround ourselves.

Music this week is provided by Michele and Terrel Lovett with the Unity of Palm Harbor band, Lori and Steve Krout (11:00 AM service only) and Joy Katzen Guthrie. Our services are uplifting and filled with a great message, wonderful music by our music team, prayer, meditation and congregational singing.

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