I gathered with my daughter and a few close friends this wondrous starry night in search of what some are calling the Christmas star, and others are calling The Bethlehem Star. In the majestic depths of the evening sky as the sun was lowering across the horizon, a tiny spark did appear. Then another one even smaller still. These are not stars, but rather the coming together in our visual sphere of Uranus, the planet known for expansion, and Saturn, the planet known for structure and rules. What a reflection of our time here on the earthly plane. We dream BIG looking to expand our thoughts and our creativity. And we are calling for structure to do this in a safe atmosphere.

Metaphysically speaking,

The law governing spiritual consciousness and its development in the individual is as sure as the law the governs the stars or the planets in their courses. We have access to divine substance within the depths of our consciousness, and out of it we fashion a new ideal of life and a fuller more abundant life. (https://www.truthunity.net/mbi/matt.-2)

Well, that about says it all. If we look to Saturn as the “law” and Uranus as “fashioning a new ideal of life,” then we have become the Magi, the Wise Ones of the East, for we know to tap into our Inner Guidance, our God-consciousness, is where we will birth new ideas for us to create and grow our spiritual community. We know in the creation process, all ideas are birthed twice, once in consciousness, where are thoughts reside; and the second time, in manifestation, where we bring them into being, where we bring them to life. We are the resources to discover our Truth within, and then to outwardly produce that which is for the greater good of our community and beyond our doors.

Metaphysically speaking,

The Wise Men from the East symbolizes our inner resources of the soul when it is stirred to the depths by a revelation of Truth. The East symbolizes the within, and the coming of the Wise Men signifies intuitive wisdom reverently seeking out the new ideal of life that is beginning in consciousness. (https://www.truthunity.net/mbi/matt.-2)

Tonight, to look up into the night sky and witness the convergence of the two planets, Saturn and Uranus, in the appearance as one light, it symbolizes an occurrence that is very rare, one that has been compared to a star that appeared nearly 2,000 years ago, beckoning the Wise Men of the East to cross the desert sands and seek the meaning of such an event. And what did they find?

When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy; and going into the house they saw the child with Mary his mother, and they fell down and worshiped him. Then, opening their treasures, they offered him gifts, gold and frankincense, and myrrh. (Matthew 2:10-11)

The gifts have been referred to as the gifts of wisdom, gold as the riches of Spirit, frankincense as the beauty of Spirit, and myrrh as the eternity of Spirit. These three gifts reside in each one of us. This Christmas season is a time of celebration and recognition of our connection to the Divine that resides within each one of us and to bring our treasures forward as we create our “new” in Unity of Palm Harbor.

Blessing you in the Spirit of Christmas now and throughout the New Year,

Rev. Tracey Q.