Hello Friends,

“Our world has turned upside down.”

This observation from one of our members truly describes the way many of us are feeling these days. At Unity Church of Palm Harbor, so far, we have been able to retain our staff and pay the bills. However, we are now stretched very thin and looking at tapping into our reserves. Along with the fact that we are primarily having services online (about 20-30 people show up on Sundays), many of our members are also experiencing “upside down” with businesses closing, lay-offs and jobs gone. The result is reduced tithes coming in. In June our income was $6000 less than our expenses.

At the present time, along with our regular expenses, our Heritage Building roof needs attention. We have found a relatively inexpensive fix that will keep the roof water and mold proof. The materials cost around $3000 dollars and church volunteers are donating the labor.

Also, our trees need to be maintained. We have a very generous bid of $600 to trim dead branches in areas where cars and/or people might be endangered.

I communicate this to you because I know you care and may be in the position to help. If you are led to send a tithe you can call the office to leave a credit card donation with LuAnn, send a check to us via mail, or donate here at our website.

We know God is our source and our faith is strong and also that it is important toask.

So I am asking.

Blessings- Rev. Bob


red bucket

When you have seen this bucket in the foyer of the church, did you look up to see if the roof was leaking? We want to prevent that from happening in the Heritage Building.

We need to care for our buildings and tree to have a safe and beautiful space to come home to when we have the all clear.

Choose your level of giving below and then press the donate heart to contribute:

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The necessary amount to complete
these projects is approximately $8,000

It’s all complete if
800 people give $10 or
320 people give $25 or
160 people give $50 or

80 people give $100 or
32 people give $250 or
16 people give $500

Your love and support are greatly appreciated.
Thank you and bless you.