Reopening to Life right now in unusual times is the message that Reverend Bob will explore this Sunday.

Reopening to Life is this Sunday's message at Unity of Palm Harbor. How do we approach the "new normal?" Using the powers of strength and life, we will be able to walk the talk.

Strength and Life

“New Normal” is a term we have been hearing about a lot lately and we are getting glimpses of what that means.

Kiss those good old days good-bye as we learn to love and live in the now. This Sunday we explore the manifesting powers of strength and life. What we do consistently with our time and energy becomes our new normal. Unity believes we must walk the talk and live positive practical spirituality daily. Let’s look at what that means and how to do it NOW! We are Reopening to Life in new ways.

We are Still Live-Streaming our Sunday Service

Join us on Sunday by visiting the Unity of Palm Harbor YouTube channel to participate in the 11:00 AM ET service from the comfort of your home. Follow this YouTube link to watch at 11:00 and view Reverend Bob’s message, great music, meditation and more. The service will also be available on YouTube after the service ends if you would like to view it at a later day or time.