Noah’s Way Out is Reverend Bob’s message for this Sunday, July 26th.

Noah's Way Out is Reverend Bob's message this Sunday, July 26th, at Unity of Palm Harbor.

The Message this Week

Noah’s Way Out: The allegory of Noah and the Ark has been and is a favorite Bible story for all ages. The idea of a boat with two of every kind of animal from all over the Earth captures our imagination. There is a simpler more believable explanation, however, what is really important for us to understand is the metaphysical meaning of the story and the practical application of it in our lives. Join us Sunday July 26 at 11:00 AM to explore this in more depth at Unity of Palm Harbor.

Unity of Palm Harbor’s Sunday Service

We have an 11:00 AM Sunday service at 1960 Tampa Road which is also aired live from the Unity of Palm Harbor YouTube channel. It will also be aired live from our Facebook page this week at the same time.

We are following all of the guidelines at Unity of Palm Harbor in regard to the Covid-19 precautions. The service is lightly attended and we have small chair groups for families to sit together. All chair groups are at least 6 feet away from another group. We are also wearing masks and following the local mandate that requires all attendees to wear a mask as well. Bring a mask from home or you may get a disposable mask at UPH prior to entering.

The YouTube aired service is also available any time following the service as well from the same link. Visit our YouTube channel here.

What Would Happen If Everyone Truly Believed Everything Is One?

6 definitions of what that means

1. Beyond surface appearances, everything is fundamentally one.
2. Although many seemingly separate things exist, they all are part of the same whole.
3. At the most basic level of reality, everything is one.
4. The separation among individual things is an illusion; in reality everything is one.
5. Everything is composed of the same basic substance, whether one thinks of it as spirit, consciousness, quantum processes, or whatever.
6. The same basic essence permeates everything that exists.