Myrtle Fillmore’s Vision

This Sunday, May 20th, Reverend Bob will share Myrtle Fillmore’s vision with us and talk about its importance as it relates to the world and humanity today at Unity of Palm Harbor.

Myrtle Fillmore, often referred to as the Mother of Unity had a softer approach to the beliefs that she and her husband, Charles Fillmore held for the world as co-founders of the Unity movement. Both of their beliefs were in alignment and, together, they brought together Myrtle’s feeling approach a Charles more analytical approach to start with a small group which eventually grew to the Unity we know today.

Myrtle’s complete faith in God and belief that with prayer and her positivity through this faith that healing of all types could and would happen, both with her own health and with the health of humanity as a whole.

Visit Unity of Palm Harbor this Sunday to find out more!

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