Ministerial Candidate Rev. Tracey Quillen, will be speaking this Sunday at Unity of Palm Harbor.

Ministerial Candidate for Unity of Palm Harbor, Tracey Quillen, shares message and hosts Q&A session Sunday, Oct. 11, 2020

Radiating the Light Within, Outwards

Rev. Tracey’s message this Sunday is “Radiating the Light Within, Outwards!”
She writes, “Everything in the creation process happens twice; once from within, inspired through our connection to the Divine, and the 2nd phase is the outer manifestation into the physical world. Our free will discerns what is ours to do in the world. Using the power of our imaginations, we are unlimited.”

“As Michael Jackson wrote in his song, Heal the World:
And the dream we were conceived in
Will reveal a joyful face
And the world we once believed in
Will shine again in grace.

Let us bring together the New Vision of tomorrow, radiating our Inner Light, outwards. AMEN.”

Please join us in person or via our livestream to listen to this powerful message and get to know Rev. Tracey better.

A Chance to Ask Questions of the Candidate

Reverend Tracey will also answer questions from the congregation immediately following the service. If you can attend this Sunday’s service in person, you may ask your questions of her regarding her plans for UPH if she is chosen in the candidacy process as our next Senior Minister. As you know, our beloved Senior Minister for the past 20 years, Rev. Bob Fortner, will be retiring.

How to Watch Online

We will be airing the Q&A session with Rev. Tracey Quillen on our YouTube livestream, immediately following the service. To watch the livestream service and Q&A, tune into our YouTube channel at 11:00 AM Sunday or watch any time afterward.

We welcome Ministerial Candidate Rev. Tracey Quillen!