Sunday’s talk, It’s My Job is a great focus for Labor Day weekend! We all want to love our work more, whether it is the job we currently have or one we aspire to get. How do we have or attain a better work experience? Reverend Bob talks about this and more this coming Sunday!

it's my job- how to look at your work in a positive manner and or seek a job that fits your passions. Labor Day 2018

We get it- sometimes it is hard to love our jobs! There are sometimes disagreements between how we feel something should be done and what the owner, manager or co-worker we have our day-in, day out interactions with have. This can cause feelings of conflict. What do we do with that? Do we leave? Or should we stick with things and try to bridge the problem so that we can all have a better experience in the workplace?

Thoughts and Actions

Our thoughts and attitudes can definitely affect our overall experiences, but sometimes you can try and try and know that the fit is not right. If you are contemplating a change, it’s best to figure out some things about ourselves first so that we don’t jump from one unsatisfying situation into another one. It’s often very tempting to just want to walk out, but we know that we have financial obligations and so being intentional about a change is important. Why not take the time while you are working to start thinking of what you are really wanting if you could have the job and work in the environment that would make you the most happy. Who says that you can’t envision what is your dream job and move toward that?

You’ll get some great inspiration about this important topic when Reverend Bob shares his message with you this Sunday.

Unity of Palm Harbor’s Fall Study Program

Journey Beyond the Self- Fall 2018 course workbook- Unity of Palm HarborIt’s also not too early to start thinking about our Fall program which kicks off on September 30th. Reverend Marilyn is asking for those who are interested in either hosting a study group in your home or being a facilitator for the series to come forward and sign up. This program, JOURNEY BEYOND THE SELF runs 7-weeks from September 30 through the week of November 11th. It’s based on Michael Singer’s book, the untethered soul.
Course materials required: Workbook $10.00 + Book $18.00. Buy them together for $25.00
They will be available September 9th in the bookstore.

Please see Rev. Marilyn in the foyer this Sunday for details on signing up as a facilitator or host.

We look forward to seeing you at Unity of Palm Harbor this Sunday!

Love Offering

Divine love, through me, blesses and multiplies all that I have, all that I give and all that I receive.
Thank you God for blessing these gifts and those that share them.
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