Finding peace amid chaos is this Sunday’s message for our Sunday live stream service on Youtube.

Finding inner peace in chaotic times.

Finding Peace Amid Chaos

This Sunday, Rev. Marilyn will be sharing a very helpful and inspiring message- Finding Inner Peace in Chaotic Times. It often feels extremely hard to stay calm and peaceful when so many things are happening around us that we’re unable to control. It’s true that we can’t control many things right now. We can’t control aspects of the coronavirus pandemic, how people follow the guidelines, when we are able to get back to work and many other things that have come up during this strange time in our history. We can, however find calm in remembering that we can control our own actions and can learn ways to find peace when things feel like they are swirling all around us.

To do this, we have to find different ways to approach pressure, our fears and anxiety that may come up for us. We do have choices in our thoughts, actions and words and that helps us to find peace.

In the bigger picture, we can choose the direction we are headed in this life. Looking at a few things, we can decide what to start, what to tweak and what to stop – not doing, but being. And with this, we can collectively raise the consciousness of our world.

Where to Tune In

Please join us on the Unity of Palm Harbor YouTube channel this Sunday, April 26th at 11:00 AM for some great thoughts, inspiring music and meditation and prayer to take us forward into the weeks ahead. We know that your days will get better when you’re finding peace amid chaos- however that shows up in your life.