Breathwork with Gong Meditation

Offered the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm

Our lives are so faced-paced that we rarely have time to be with and process our emotions. Breathwork is a time to lie down on a yoga mat or sit comfortably in a chair to receive whatever comes without judgment.

The sounds and vibrations of the gong, Native American flutes, and other sound immersion will restore, renew and provide an invitation for a deeper connection with Spirit.

What to Bring: Please wear loose clothing and bring a yoga mat, blanket, bolster, water, and anything needed for maximum comfort.

Please first consult with a physician before participating in breathwork if you have any respiratory issues.

Suggested Love Offering: $20


About the Facilitator: Gregg Akin is a certified vibrational sound therapist who discovered breathwork in 2016. He has completed multiple breathwork courses. Breathwork fulfills Gregg’s intention from a meditation: a quiet mind and open heart.