Energize your Voice is Reverend Bob’s message at Unity of Palm Harbor this coming Sunday, May .

Energize Your Voice, the message for Sunday, May 24th, 2020 will be live streamed from the Unity of Palm Harbor YouTube channel.

Energize Your Voice

What message does our voice tell the world about us? What message does our voice tell us about our enthusiasm for life?

This Sunday we explore the energizing powers of Enthusiasm and Power. We continue with our “Twelve Steps to a New You” series at Unity of Palm Harbor. Reverend Bob will share his message about how we can helpful to ourselves and others and energize our voice. Our inner power works with our enthusiasm to use our voice as a way to lift up others to encourage and empower them, too. This is more important now than ever before when our society is dealing with difficult times.

How to Watch our Service

We hope that you’ll join in on our livestream broadcast from the Unity of Palm Harbor YouTube channel. We’d love for you to join us as we present it, but also know that you can visit the link anytime after the service is aired to watch it whenever is convenient for you.

We care about everyone in our community! UPH hopes to both uplift and empower you each week with our positive and affirming Sunday service.

Let’s get excited about our new normal and speak our truth with authority as we prepare to spring forth with a mighty faith to do that which is ours to do!