Does God Procrastinate? is the title of this Sunday’s message by Rev. Marilyn Earhart at Unity of Palm Harbor

Does God Procrastinate? is this Sunday's message by Rev. Marilyn Earhart

Do we procrastinate when we don’t want to do something, or are we listening to the small still voice that is guiding us to the perfect timing? Have we quit making New Year’s resolutions because we don’t sustain them, or do
we give up before we have even begun? What habits are good for us? Why and When?

This Sunday, Reverend Marilyn will delve into all of these questions to show that God works through us, but we are not at our best if we are not listening.

Music this Sunday

Music is a big part of our ministry at Unity of Palm Harbor. As usual, our wonderful music team is in full force this Sunday with Special Music by Terrel, Michele and company, Joy Katzen-Guthrie, Christine and, at 2nd service Laura Lee. In addition, hymn leaders sing with the congregation so everyone gets the opportunity to raise our voices in song.

Greg Tamblyn Here Next Sunday

Greg will be leading both Sunday services on 1/26, performing in concert at 1pm 1/26 (tickets include a lunch before the concert at noon) and offering a great 2 1/2 hour workshop on comedy and laughter with music at 7pm on 1/28. Check out the flyers on the site or linked to the events on our calendar, or visit our Facebook page to read more about the events.