The Power of Christmas is Rev. Bob’s message this Sunday, November 29th, at Unity of Palm Harbor.

The Power of Christmas is Rev. Bob's message this Sunday, Nov. 29th, at Unity of Palm Harbor

How to Participate this Sunday

Reverend Bob will share this message both IN PERSON at our location at 1960 Tampa Road in Palm Harbor and via our YouTube Livestream on Sunday, November 1, 2020 at 11am or any time following the end of the service.

If attending in person, here is a map link.

The Message this Week

The Advent season is here and this year Christmas
has very important meanings to us all.

In the darkness of winter, a light is born and the angels and innocents prevail over the roman egotistical consciousness.

Let’s prepare now for a rebirth of the Christ consciousness which will lead us into a bright new year.

In this time of transition at Unity of Palm Harbor, this will also be the last service that our beloved Rev. Bob will be conducting before he retires after giving us an amazing 20 years of his service. Please attend either via YouTube or or in person to show your support!
Rev. Tracey Quillen will be joining UPH as our new senior minister for next Sunday’s service on Dec 6th.

Blessings to all of you!