REGISTRATION CLOSED – The Goddess Within Workshop 2: The Divine Union With Rev. Tracey Quillen



When: July 13, 2024 |Time: 10am – 3pm | Fee $80
Lunch: Vegetarian Main Dish will be provided
Please bring a side dish to share with everyone.

Bring with you: If you have traveled to a Holy spot and have a vial of water that you are ready to share, please bring it for
our Women’s Water Ceremony. All other materials for the workshop will be provided.
(If you would like to bring your journal from the 1st workshop, please do so; otherwise, a new one will be gifted to you.)

This workshop acknowledges how powerful we are as women. We celebrate the union of our Inner Masculine (Intellect) and Inner Feminine (Heart), in the Divine Marriage.

Dearly Beloveds…let us begin!

Email Rev. Tracey here with any questions.




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Lorelei Robbins, Astrologer and Life Coach We will be working with your Divine Masculine Intellect (Mars) and Divine Feminine Heart or Emotional Realm (Venus) in your astrological chart. We will have a Divine Union Ceremony.

Lorelei Robbins, an astrologer and life coach in Atlanta, will do a 15-minute reading with you about your Mars & Venus via Zoom before our Divine Union Workshop. Please contact her directly. She will be available in June. You must first pay the $80 fee to UPH. Click the Yellow Donate box. From the drop-down box click Goddess Within 2 and Pay $80.

We will be working with your Divine Masculine Intellect (Mars) and Divine Feminine Heart or Emotional Realm (Venus) in your astrological chart. We will have a Divine Union Ceremony. To do this, you must provide:

Preparing for your experience with the Goddess Within


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Lorelei Robbins invites you to do a full astrological reading with her and she will apply the $20 for the workshop as a credit towards her special fee for our group of $150 for an hour. (She normally charges $195.) Your session will be $130, recorded via Zoom and she will provide you with a written personality profile based on your “cast of characters,” aka your astrological signs. Lorelei Robbins and Rev. Tracey have been friends for nearly 30 years, served together on Unity North Atlanta’s board, have shared in transformative and innovative workshops together including Colin Tipping’s Radical Forgiveness series, and continue to be changemakers in this mystical journey we call “a playground for the soul.” Lorelei is Rev. Tracey’s “go to” astrologer! In her own right, Lorelei Robbins has served the greater Atlanta community and beyond as a professional astrologer for more than three decades and was featured as the “Relationship Astrologer” on a popular Atlanta radio station for seven years. Lorelei is a transformational teacher and dream accelerator. Lorelei has a great passion for relationships and believes that Every Match Is Made in Heaven because every relationship is a holy encounter that provides us with a mirror image of ourselves. She has inspired thousands of individuals to enhance the quality of their relationships by knowing that we script and attract everyone into our lives for a reason. And only we can change the script. Rev. Tracey is sending her a list of those who have paid. She will be ready to do the Mars/Venus readings in June. Please contact her directly and have your reading done before our time together on Saturday, July 13th. Take notes – you will want them for our Mars and  Venus Union Ceremony.