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Prosperity and Abundance


Charles Fillmore said:

Everyone should give as he receives; in fact, it is only through giving that he can receive.

Until the heart is quickened at the center and the mind is open-ended up to Truth there is no permanent healing.

What is Charles talking about? He is talking about our relationship with money. The mind must be made to let go before it can receive the Light and the Power of Spirit.

Build a new state of consciousness.

Cultivate ideas of ABUNDANCE.

Play the WHAT IF….game.

CLAIM God as your inexhaustible Resource.

Affirmation: GOD IS MY SOURCE.

All things are mine for the asking.

All of my needs are met.

I have more than enough – my cup floweth over.

It is not enough to THINK these thoughts – we must move into what….? Action!

Give in the name of God.

“Divine Love through me blesses and multiplies YOU”

It is not the amount you give measured by standards of the world, it is the good will you send forth with the gift; [the cheerful giver] which can be measured only by spiritual standards. AMEN (Thank you Charles Fillmore!)