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The art of loving communication - a couple walking along the beach talking and smiling.

He Said, She Said – The Art of Loving Communication

The art of loving communication needs to be practiced. The more we do it, the better we get. How do we practice this in our relationships, especially when a topic is ripe for disagreement? This Sunday, Reverend Grace will talk about the ways that we can communicate better with our partner, our family, our friends […]

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This Sunday, Rev. Marilyn and Rev. Grace will be teaming up on the 12 powers to give an overview about what they mean to Unity.

What are the 12 Powers?

This week, Rev. Marilyn and Rev. Grace will team up to cover the 12 Powers which are integral to the teachings of Unity. Out of the twelve, the individual Powers are paired up as follows: Faith and Imagination are our perceiving powers and have to do with how we see the world. Zeal and Power […]

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What is True Freedom? Image combines a background of the sun shining through darker clouds placed on an American flag.

What is True Freedom?

What is True Freedom? Of course it is more than what might first come to mind when thinking about our upcoming patriotic holiday. How can we attain true freedom? Many people will be celebrating Independence Day on July 4. Indeed, we are blessed to live in the USA, land of the free. There are however, […]

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Are your visions, goals and dreams written down on an napkin like this one? There's more to do than dream to make your dreams come true. This Sunday's message at Unity of Palm Harbor talks about the importance of these steps and in making them happen.

Visions, Dreams, Goals

Visions, Dreams, Goals…We have been given a powerful tool but many people just use it as a toy rather than allow themselves to fuel their future. Imagination, which fuels our visions and dreams is so powerful as demonstrated by the many people we call visionaries. This important process of using our imagination to envision and […]

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Honoring fathers on Father's Day. A dad plays jet airplane with this son.

Honoring Fathers this Father’s Day

We’re honoring fathers this Sunday at Unity of Palm Harbor, so it is a great way to start your Father’s Day celebrations! In addition to all of the wonderful things that make up a great Sunday morning service at UPH, we have something special in store for dads. Many people were moved by the tribute […]

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