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Masonic Lodge – Palm Harbor

Masonic Lodge – Palm Harbor

Leroy Mathews arranged to have Sunday services in the Masonic lodge on Florida Av. in Palm Harbor.

Daven Davis, the interim Unity Minister was the primary speaker and Bob Fortner was a regular guest speaker.

Bob was approached about being the minister. While he was a licensed teacher he was not a minister.

The author of the book, The Mother of Unity, Thomas E. Witherspoon, took Bob aside and told him that he felt Bob should become the minister and “To take up his real Life’s Work.”

With Randy’s departure, Les Saunder was brought in to advise and was the acting minister. Les suggested that Unity hire Bob Fortner as his assistant for 6 months. Bob was the Senior Spiritual Leader and Les wanted Bob to get involved for the Christmas season in Dec. 1995.

Geri was still with us at that time, but while at Curlew Rd. she left to pursue her own path to Unity ministry. Youth Education continued during this time, still under the leadership of Theresa McComber. Kimen Mitchel was one of our very early teachers in youth education.

Soon, the flower ministry came into being, under the tutelage of Alyson Lopez. Kimen Mitchel and Judith Overcash were part of the original team.

Michael Potts started our choir and was our first director. We’ve had several accompanists through the years. Sometimes we struggled to keep going after one left and we found another, but when Ellie came we found our stability. Her daughter Amy Foster was our director at that time, but Ellie stayed with us even after Amy decided to step down. Joy then joined us and has done a wonderful job, continuing to help us build our music ministry. Joan Williams has contributed for many years and done a wonderful job, too.

Then Terrell and Michelle joined us and our music ministry has just continued to flourish with the addition of the Krauts, Judy Amorello, Fran Pittman, Tommy and Deb Shone.

Medical Center on Curlew and 19

Medical Center on Curlew and 19

Rev. Geri found a property, a Medical Center on Curlew and 19. The first meeting there was the first week in July with 84 attending – they had 85 seats. Were able to build out and expand the usable space.
Sunday school space – had 1400 square feet. During this period we had sold the property on Fisher Road at a loss of $14,000. The debt was sold off to interested members by square foot to pay off the debt. The monthly rent was $2,400.

Love Offering

Divine love, through me, blesses and multiplies all that I have, all that I give and all that I receive.
Thank you God for blessing these gifts and those that share them.
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